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Extra Curricular


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Coirm festivals are organised by by Gael Linn throughout the country in theatres with first class facilities. We have entered the competition regularly since 1990. To enhance their enjoyment of the day Gael Linn provide a short performance by professional artistes at each festival. Participating children receive a memento of their day at Coirm. Coirm aims to promote the use of Irish among primary school pupils by providing a stage for them to display their talents in a non-competitive Irish-speaking environment.

The Shows
Each show must be a performance of no more than 20 minutes and may include a variety of elements i.e. music, song, dance, recitation etc. The one golden rule is that each show must include at least seven minutes of Irish language content, either sung or spoken, or both.

Cochaillín Dearg

This year’s show was be performed by Mr. John O Hara’s class. The production is a real team effort. Tadhg Mac Conmara, Sarah Keany, John O Hara and Bernie O Shaughnessy  all helped to put this year’s production of Cochaillín Dearg together. Go raibh mile maith agat to all the parents who helped out and came to see the show.

Thursday 13 March - The Arts Centre, Mullingar

Congratulations to Mr O Hara's Class for their wonderful performance on the day! They were awarded two trophies for Cochaillín Dearg. The Junior school looks forward to participating in Coirm again next year.


Green School

Green-Schools is an international environmental education programme, that promotes and acknowledges long-term, whole school action for the environment.
Unlike a once-off project, it is a long-term programme that introduces participants (students, teachers, parents and the wider community) to the concept of an environmental management system.

In June 2012, Ratoath JNS was awarded it's first Green Flag under the 'Litter and Waste' category. We are now working on earning our next flag which is the 'Energy' flag. The work towards this flag is ongoing for two years. The children are currently carrying out a 7 step programme which began with an audit of the energy we use to get to and go home from school along with the energy used in school. Once we had established all of the areas of energy used we designed an action plan to reduce any energy which is harmful to the environment.

Click here to get some tips on saving energy. 

Over the next two years the children will work on many Maths, Science, English, SPHE and Art projects which relate to environmental issues.

In recet years we have had great fun and indeed success using waste materials. In 2012 1st class designed and created a sheep out of waste material. They named their sheep 'Lady Baa Baa' and she won best in show at the International Sheep Shearing Festival. Lady Baa Baa received her award of €1,000 from Jedward!!!

This year the school held the 3rd 'Mask Factor', the children were asked to create Halloween masks out of waste material from home. The event was very popular again this year and the judging panel were simply blown away by the entries.

We will continue to collect mobile phones to recycle in aid if Temple Street hospital so please keep them coming.

We look forward to sharing our news and achievements with you over the coming two years.
The Green Team.



Ratoath Junior National School’s Childrens Choir is for Second Class children. In their final year in the Junior School, children with an interest in singing and performing are invited to join our choir and perform together. The aims of our Childrens Choir are to foster a love of choral singing and enhance the musical education of those involved. From Musicals, Folk songs to Christmas Carols, our Choir explores a wide range of different styles.

Our children perform at big school occasions throughout the year including an annual Christmas outing to “Ratoath Nursing Home” to perform Christmas Carols for the elderly, as well as at our Second Class Graduation ceremony in June.

The school choir is an excellent way for our children to make new friends and boost confidence and social skills. The children learn how music expresses emotion, tells stories and enriches others. It is an invaluable learning experience for all involved!




Blue Flag

We are one of the first schools in Ireland to be awarded the prestigious Blue Flag for our school. Ratoath JNS were chosen to be part of a pilot programme called the “Blue Star” which is aimed at primary school children.

The idea behind the Blue Star is a simple one: to foster better understanding and knowledge of the European Union and how it affects the lives of Irish primary pupils through classroom projects, activities and excursions. This was done by examining four key areas relating to the EU -historical, geographical, cultural and institutional.

Children and staff had great fun taking part in the Blue Star and the highlight of the programme was when second class were sponsored on a trip to the Houses of the Oireachtas by Regina Doherty TD. After meeting all the criteria set out by the Blue Star team Ratoath JNS was visited by Neale Richmond, the national coordinator, and he presented us with our flag during an outdoor ceremony The Blue Flag is now flying proudly outside the school!